Evidence-Based Nutrient Recommendations

Vitamin B12 Metabolism-Related Lab Values

Serum B12 is measured in both pmol/l and pg/ml with a conversion factor of 1.35 pg/ml = 1 pmol/l (1).

Average Daily B12 Intake of USA Adults2
Men 5 µg
Women 3.5 µg
Normal Serum B12
Range, newborns3 160 – 1300 pg/ml
Range, adultsA 200 – 900 pg/ml
Average 450 pg/ml
Breast MilkB,4 180 – 300 pg/ml
Normal MCV Range5 80-96 fl
Methylmalonic Acid (MMA)
Normal serum MMA (sMMA) .07 – .27 µmol/l(6, 7)
Serum MMA cutoff in diagnosing B12 deficiency .376 µmol/l7
Normal urine MMA (uMMA) .58 – 3.56 µmol/mmol Cr8
Homocysteine (HCY)
Normal serum HCY 2.2 – 13.2 µmol/l9
A – sB12 does not change more than 7% from week to week under normal
conditions (i.e. consistent intake, no disease)11.
B – Numbers vary widely depending on measurement methods and
differences in maternal stores and intake.


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