Plant Sources of Folate

Table 1. Plant Sources of Folate
FoodPreparationServing µg
Lentilscooked1/2 cup179
Black beanscooked1/2 cup128
Romaine lettuceshredded1 1/2 cup114
Orange juice 1 cup109
Spinachcooked1/2 cup103
Refried beanscanned1/2 cup106
Garbanzo beans
(aka chickpeas)
cooked1/2 cup80
Navy beanscooked1/2 cup82
Broccolicooked1 cup78
Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup76
Pinto beanscooked1/2 cup72
Kidney beanscooked1/2 cup63

RDA for folate is 400 µg for people over age 13.


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